Cake Tastings!

I’m not sure about you, but when I think about weddings, I think about CAKE! Cake tastings are the best part of wedding planning! You’ll find that each bakery does things a little differently, but at Claire’s Cake Co, this is what you can expect from you Cake Tasting!
How long is the appointment? On average, you can expect your appointment to last around 45-60 minutes.
What kind of cakes will we sample? For each cake tasting, you will choose 3-4 different flavors of cakes and 3-4 fillings/icings. . If there is a food allergy, please be sure to communicate this prior to your visit.
What does a cake tasting cost or is it free? We do charge a minimal fee of $25 for a two person cake tasting. We then apply the cake tasting fee against the final balance of your contract if you book your cake within a two week period. We would love to offer this service for free, but cake tastings cost us labor, materials and several hours of time.
Can you help us design our cake? Yes, we have many preset design choices or we can specially design a cake to your specifications! You won’t have to commit to a design right away, but this time can give us an idea of style and cost.
What should we bring? Anything you may have planned so far for your wedding: dream cake photos, color swatches, dress photos or wedding invitations. Also, a notebook or note taking device is helpful to jot down information.
How much are wedding cakes? The budget will depend on how complex your cake is. Providing us with a budget can help us nail down design options!
Look forward to seeing you at our shop!

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