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Catering, Events, & Bakery Staff




Claire has always loved Highland County and grew up spending the summers and holidays with her extended family here in Monterey. She and her husband (with two kids), moved here full time 6 years ago.

Her successful catering/baking business blossomed into Claire's Cakes & Cafe in downtown Monterey in July 2022.

When asked what she loves about owning/running a cafe she answered: Getting to know more faces and people in the community. If you've been in more than once, she can probably name your most ordered item.

Her favorite part of the business? She loves getting to bring the vision in her head to life and being a part of people's special occasion celebrations through custom cookies and cakes.

Her top recommendation at the shop: Try a barista style drink. Claire's favorite is a standard-no flavor latte. If you've never had a latte or cappuccino, come in and try one!



Hospitality & Cafe Manager

Lauren Hindman, our sandwich artist extraordinaire, is usually behind the scenes making sure all the breakfast & lunch orders roll out smoothly. Lauren enjoys making your sandwich exactly as you like it~ so feel free to ask if you'd like extra mayonnaise, to hold the tomatoes, etc!

Lauren has worked with Claire for over a year now helping with catering and Etsy orders. She’s capable of it all and lends a helping hand wherever she sees the need.

Talented beyond belief, when Lauren isn't creating sandwiches she is making nature-inspired jewelry and crafts for her business Wild Virginia Crafts.

Be sure to look for her beautiful work at local festivals & markets and follow her page for more information.

Lauren's top cafe recommendation: try your favorite sandwich as a panini.



Barista / Shop Operations

Autumn has worked with Claire since June 2022, helping to get the space set up and learning the ropes of front of the house work.

Autumn is a natural at the espresso machine and especially loves making iced coffees. Her favorite drink is an iced caramel macchiato. Autumn's top food recommendation is the turkey, bacon and provolone sandwich.

Autumn loves the social aspect and of course the delicious food at the cafe. When she's not working she enjoys volleyball and FFA.

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Bakery& Catering Specialist/Manager

Megan is both behind the scenes baking & making, and you'll also catch her up front taking orders or chatting with a customer. Megan is good at everything, but her true talent is in the baking & design of cakes, cookies & pastries.

Megan's been working by Claire's side at catering jobs over the past year. When the Cafe opened, she transitioned into her role as Bakery & Catering Specialist/Manager. She is Claire's right hand woman in the kitchen and they often brainstorm or troubleshoot together.

Megan likes getting to meet new people and try new food, as well as learning neat baking hacks from Claire.

Her top recommendation at the shop is the white chocolate, cranberry & walnut cookie. Come on in to try one of Megan's delicious creations!

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